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Are you doing enough to ensure your smile will remain safe for many years to come? Although brushing and flossing every day are extremely beneficial, there are plenty of health risks you should also be aware of. Listed below are three common oral health risks everybody should avoid:

Tough or extremely chewy foods:
– If you are not careful, biting into tough foods can break or crack your teeth. Likewise, do not chew on inedible objects such as pen caps or pencils, as they can move your teeth out of position or result in an oral injury. Also avoid snacks that can be extremely sticky or chewy, as they can linger in your mouth and increase your risk for enamel erosion.

Contact sports or similar high-risk activities:
– When playing contact sports or high-risk activities, you are putting your teeth and gums at an increased risk for serious damage, including heavy trauma that can knock out multiple teeth and break your jaw. To help protect your oral health, wear any safety gear possible, including mouth and face guards.

Bad habits:
– Avoid bad habits such as smoking, chewing tobacco, and using drugs. All of these products and habits are known to be extremely hazardous to your health, including your oral health. To avoid tooth discoloration, gum disease, and oral cancer, remove bad habits from your life.

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