Preventing Bad Breath

Many people suffer from dragon breath from time to time. Bad breath can be embarrassing and unpleasant. Did you know that there are certain things that can cause bad breath and that there are ways to keep bad breath at bay? Causes of bad breath include: – The decrease of saliva. This sometimes happens in… Read more »

Tips for Removing Plaque

When you don’t take good care of your oral health, you’ll end up with a lot of plaque buildup around your gum line. Plaque is the residue remaining from food and drink that gathers on your teeth. If you just leave it in your mouth, it can actually cause gum disease. So it’s pretty obvious… Read more »

Dental Veneers Can Enhance Your Smile

If you would like to improve the beauty of your smile, consider veneers in , . Dental veneers are thin shells that are custom made of tooth-colored materials. These shells are bonded to the front of the teeth to improve their appearance. What issues to dental veneers fix? Dr. Nichols and Dr. Cicmanec may recommend… Read more »

A Fractured Tooth Often Needs to Be Restored by Placing a Crown

The enamel layer of your teeth is very hard and extremely durable, yet there are times when a fall or blow to the face can actually fracture one of your teeth. This is even more likely if you grind your teeth at night on a regular basis. If the tooth is not repaired in a… Read more »

How to Investigate the Cause of Chronic Dry Mouth

Chronic dry mouth is a recognized medical condition that occurs when a person experiences a significant decrease in saliva production on a regular basis. Saliva plays a critical role in maintaining your daily oral health because it washes away food particles and bacteria regularly. Your dentist, Dr. , encourages you to investigate the cause of… Read more »

How to Safely Remove a Foreign Object from Your Gums

There are certain foods, like a popcorn hull, meat fibers, seeds, and fruit peels, that can get stubbornly stuck between your teeth. Sometimes a piece of food or a foreign object can get stuck in your gumline. This situation could be even more serious if you have a bad habit of chewing on objects like… Read more »

How Serious Is Gum Disease?

We all know it’s important to brush and floss our teeth. But did you know that your teeth aren’t the only things that benefit from brushing and flossing? Your gums and other soft tissues in your mouth need daily care to stay healthy as well. Sadly, though, many people do not take adequate care of… Read more »

FAQs About Fluoride

You might hear a lot about fluoride from many different sources. As a result, some people are confused about its uses and benefits. Here are a few questions people have about fluoride. What is it? Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral found in almost all water on the planet. It is also found in some food… Read more »

How to Take Good Care of Your Dental Crown

Dental crowns are strong and reliable restorations, but they still need to be taken care of. If you do everything you can to keep the crown in tip-top shape, it will last for years to come and you will have the beautiful and functional smile you have always wanted. So, to help you care for… Read more »

Cavities: Fact and Fiction

You’ve probably heard something about cavities—in fact, you’ve probably had a cavity or two. But did you know there are several misconceptions surrounding cavities? To help you separate fact from fiction, we’re happy to dispel some of the more common cavity myths. For instance, did you know that sugar doesn’t technically cause cavities? In reality,… Read more »