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With your smile being one of the first things people notice about you, don’t you owe it to yourself to make your smile look your best? Don’t let set in teeth stains get in the way of making the best first impressions. Schedule an appointment a professional teeth whitening treatment with Dr. Nichols and Dr. Peck today.

A professional teeth whitening is much better than the retail kits you normally see advertised. Compared to store bought kits, our whitening treatment is safer, quicker, and eight times more effective. During the treatment, our dentists will take the time to measure just the right amount of whitening gel needed for your teeth. A tray will then be filled with the gel and then slid over your teeth. This process is to ensure the gel offers no discomfort to your gum line.

Store-bought kits have abrasive chemicals and hardware that can cause pain or damage your teeth. A professional whitening treatment will make sure you get the better-looking teeth in a quicker amount of time than store bought products. The whitening gel we use is much more powerful than what you’ll find in retail kits. In addition, Drs. Nichols and Peck can use a dental laser to enhance the whitening process if it is necessary.

If you have any questions about the whitening treatment or wish to set up an appointment, please call Prairie Dental Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota today.