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It’s never too late to begin to practice tooth hazard prevention to keep your smile safe. With the holidays amongst us, extra caution needs to be given to all products, substances, habits, and lifestyle changes you may have. Even a single wrong choice can lead to severe dental damage and set back your smile years.

If you wish to keep your smile bright and shining, be aware of the risks of numerous drinks and what they can do to the color of your teeth. Fruit drinks, coffee, and red and white wines can lead to serious dental damage in the form of stains and discolorations. In addition, smoking or chewing tobacco can also have immediate effects on the color of your teeth.

Another tooth hazard to be aware of is in the form of opening products with your teeth. Never use your teeth as a bottle opener as this can lead to immediate dental damage. If you wish to keep your teeth safe, avoid biting your nails, opening products with your teeth, or chewing on pens or pencils.

No matter which decision for your oral health care you choose, Drs. Drs. Nichols and Cicmanec and our team will make sure that you receive the care and support your smile requires. If you would like to come stop by our dentist office in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, please schedule an appointment at (605) 335-8640.