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When a tooth is lost the effect on your oral function and overall quality of life, can sometimes be significant. Even if the tooth doesn’t appear in your smile or you learn to adapt to the void in your mouth, the structural changes could lead to latent orthodontic complications. This could gradually alter the alignment of the teeth neighboring the void. As this starts to occur you could suffer chips, dental fractures, and possible chronic tooth enamel attrition on the related teeth in your bite pattern.

If you have the problem addressed in a reasonable amount of time, Drs. Motz, Nichols, and Paulson and our team might be able to simply install a dental bridge. Not only will this help hold the neighboring teeth in place, it will also restore the basic function and appearance of your mouth.

This dental restoration treatment starts with our team forming abutments out of the two closest teeth. This involves numbing the area before removing the existing tooth enamel layer from each tooth to create abutments strong enough to anchor the dental bridge in place. Then an impression will be made. It will be sent to a state of the art dental lab where highly trained lab technicians will create your dental bridge from special dental materials.

When the dental bridge is ready, it will be cemented onto the two anchoring abutments with a strong dental adhesive. If you live in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota, area and you are missing a tooth, you should call (605) 335-8640 to seek treatment and dental restoration at Prairie Dental Center.