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Do you have any terrific techniques for treating your toothbrush well? As long as your keep taking care of your toothbrush, it can keep taking care of you. However, toothbrushes do fall into disrepair after a few months or so and should be replaced as necessary. If your toothbrush is beginning to show signs of excess wear, maybe now is the time to spring for a new one that can keep your oral health hygiene habits at their peak. Here some more top tips for keeping your toothbrush in terrific shape:

– Never let your toothbrush become contaminated or dirty. To avoid contamination, store it in an aired-out container and out of reach of other toothbrushes.
– Never keep a toothbrush in a sealed container that can gather mold and moisture.
– Before using a toothbrush, ensure it features the ADA Seal of Acceptance or is recommended or approved by your dentist.
– Use a toothbrush that has a brush head large enough to clean all areas inside your mouth.
– Some bristles are too abrasive for teeth, so look for a toothbrush that has soft bristles.
– If you lack the muscular strength or bone strength to use a manual brush, switch to an electric toothbrush instead.

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