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As you’ve been told by dentists from the beginning of time, flossing is one of the two most important things you can do to maintain your teeth and gums. But, even though it has been shouted from the rooftops for years, flossing is still neglected by many. For those that find traditional flossing too difficult, and especially for the elderly and those that wear dental appliances like braces or dentures, we have the solution.

There are two alternative types of flossing devices that we recommend to get you flossing:

Pre-strung Floss Picks: You may have a hard time holding the traditional string floss. After all, it requires that you wrap the string around and around your fingertips and then force it into your mouth at awkward angles. This cannot be easy for someone with shaky hands or delicate fingers. So, try using these ready-made, disposable, pre-strung flossers. They come with a string of floss already threaded in a Y-shape for your convenience. You can easily maneuver it around without having to eat your hand.

Water Flossers: A dental device that comes with a water tank, hose, and nibs to adjust the stream of water. The water flosser is truly the most fun way to floss. It cleans by flushing out the teeth and gums using forced water, pressurized to push out any left-over food particles and plaque. Add antiseptic to the tank and you have an even more healthful flush. What’s more, the water flosser can be used for more than just your teeth. Nibs can be purchased that allow for flushing the sinuses as well.

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