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Do you have intense discomfort in one of your teeth? Has it been going on for some time? Thriving with a constant source of discomfort can be difficult. You could have an infection inside of your tooth that may require a root canal to relieve your discomfort.

What is a root canal?
This is a treatment where our dentist removes the tooth’s pulp, which is a very small tissue located in the center of the tooth. After the diseased, damaged or dead pulp is gone, the remaining space is cleaned and then filled, sealing off the actual root canal.

What can cause damage to the pulp?
Some of the most common causes of pulp damage may include deep cavities, a cracked tooth or an injury to the tooth, whether it is recent or in the past. If a tooth’s pulp becomes infected, and isn’t treated, an abscess could form, potentially destroying the bone around the tooth.

How is a root canal done?
As mentioned previously, the pulp is removed after our dentist creates a small opening in the back of the tooth or in the crown. The damaged tissue is removed, the space is cleared, enlarged and then shaped to get it ready for filling. A rubbery material, called a gutta-percha will typically be used to permanently fill the pulp chamber and root canal area. A crown may then be used to complete the procedure and restore the tooth’s natural function and appearance.

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